What They Wore: “Telephone” Video


You can’t talk about this video, or even The Gaga, without mentioning fashion. In this clash of the ah-diva’s video, Beyoncé and Gaga went head to head in some of the most epic and outlandish looks. Here’s some of our faves:

This look was a Viktor & Rolf creation, with the sunglasses made out of lit cigarettes. Classic, I mean, resourceful. Lit cigarette shades? Who knew…

This jacket that Bey Sting has on is a Jean-Charles de Castebajac original. Straight off the runway, Bey rocked it with super hero hair and sequin pumps by the same designer.

This look is so easy, it’s hard! Just purchase some yellow crime scene tape and strategically wrap it around the private (and not so private) areas of your body. Or you can just call up the designer, Brian Lichtenberg, to send you one. You can do no wrong… or can you?

“Hi, Gaga? This is Fashion Manifesto. Madonna called, she says she wants her 80’s swag back. She sounds really upset. She left Kabbalah class early to make this call.” With a badass spiked Search and Destroy leather  jacket, a few sizes too big, and Diet Coke cans to give her the Va-Va-Voom hair that the Garnier Fructis commercials usually promise you, Gaga tried to convince us that life as an inmate means one thing and one thing only- YOU MUST BE RESOURCEFUL! Cigarette sunglasses, soda can rollers, I mean, you gotta work with what ya’ got!

And the new Miss America is… Lady Gaga dresses up as Uncle Sam‘s pesky little sister for the diner dance scene. This particular look wasn’t designed by one specific designer, but by the Haus of Gaga and their handy costume designer who seems to be crafty! You can just take a regular American flag bandanna, or the actual flag, and use a bra and panties as the foundation of which you will lay your patriotic 2-piece.

*paid programming salesman voice* Tired of having to run to the phone in between orders? Well, now you don’t have to! With the new Telephone headset, you’ll never have to worry about missing out on sales! *insert clip of overly dramatic woman running back & forth to answer the phone as if it’s that serious here* The Gaga gave a new definition to slip proof with her plastic-esque Rachel Barrett dress and Telephone hat! Oil spill? No problem! Just wipe it off with some Fantastik w/ bleach and a ShamWow while taking a call on line 2 for some Honey.

I think The Gaga is onto something with this telephone headset thing! Don’t you think? I mean, this could be HUGE! Massive. Epic. Late night paid programming, made just for the purchase happy Insomniac straddling the fence between extremely tired, but still wide awake, and unaware to really know that they indeed don’t need any of these things. Gaga could change the game! This Fred Butler hat is a classic!

All styling done by Nicola Formichetti. Check out his blog here.

3 Responses to “What They Wore: “Telephone” Video”

  1. lady gaga is one of the best singers in the world but she does bad things too …

  2. Madonna is one of my most amazing celebrities in the world. I definitely wish she keeps on singing.

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