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Starting today, and continuing to Thursday, May 20, stars such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Beverly Knight, Elle Macpherson, Alexa Chung, Annie Lennox and many others are donating clothes from their walk-in closets to Oxfam Curiosity Shop in Selfridges store in London: The charity pop-up shop will be staffed by A-Listers and will stock hand-picked high-end […]

The ladies of the “BBC” (Bad B*tch Club) recently premiered their video for their version of Young Money’s “Bedrock”. The song features ATL rapper Rasheeda, Kandi Burruss, Toya Carter and Angel Lola Luv Lola Monroe. I was, for the most part, very unimpressed by the fashion but one item in particular caught my eye. It’s […]

Indeed, she is. After an undisputed run as the talk of THE town, she is finally putting her genius(?) sense of style to work. It is rumored that The Gaga will be teaming up with Linda Farrow to design a range of stunner shades: Gaga has been vocal in the past about dabbling in fashion […]

You can’t talk about this video, or even The Gaga, without mentioning fashion. In this clash of the ah-diva’s video, Beyoncé and Gaga went head to head in some of the most epic and outlandish looks. Here’s some of our faves: This look was a Viktor & Rolf creation, with the sunglasses made out of […]

The long-awaited video for Lady Gaga & Beyonce‘s “Telephone” collaboration is finally here! The mini-movie (I know movie trailer’s that are shorter than this!) features Lady Gaga locked in a prison for poisoning her boyfriend (continued from the “Paparazzi” video) and Beyonce coming to her rescue: The Tyrese cameo was a surprise! Didn’t expect to […]

The very avant garde, haute couture glamazon that is Lady Gaga turned heads (what’s new?) in her lace catsuit with nothing underneath but what seems to be shorts. And of course she was armed with one of her signature face pieces: Now, it’s not so much of what she was wearing, because we’ve seen it […]

It’s been a decade already? Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating a new millennium, and the world not ending! Officially leaving the single digits and venturing into new, not-yet market territory, so many fly things and people came up in ’09, and we must celebrate: 10: Va$htie Kola Music video director, party producer, designer […]

What happens when the hottest chick in the game gets on wax with… the hottest chick in the game? She steps her game up to maintain her position at #1 of course! From the opening of the video, where she rocked the cut-out one piece swimsuit, to the all white one piece where she matched […]

Haus Of Gaga


“Them hustlers like my fashion”- Lady Gaga There’s no doubt that Lady Gaga is thee flyest and perhaps craziest chick in the game right now! Wearing weave-covered satellite dishes on her head (that is what they are… right?), mouse lips, neck braces, and her face constantly covered, Gaga has to be the most outlandish of […]

Now y’all know it’s rare I post a music video on here! That is a special honor over here at FM, and reserved for the extremely fly. I saw Lady Gaga‘s new “Bad Romance” video over at Global Grind, and I must say– my heart stopped and stared, then waited for a few more photographable […]