Must Haves In Your Bag

When we have a night out on the town, whether it’s with the girls or with that guy, there are things we MUST have in our bag at all times. You just never know what may happen:

Mints (because gum dries your mouth, makes you gassy and eventually makes you hungry)

Deodorant (especially in the summer time)

Feminine Wipes (just because)

Body Splash (just to keep the momentum going, and besides perfume is too strong to keep re-applying)

Lip Gloss

Some cute flats or flip flops (if you’re wearing heels)

MONEY (it doesn’t matter who agrees to pay, always have your own stash… just in case)

Lotion (you have to wash your hands and you have to keep them moisturized)

A make-up sponge (because our face gets oily)

Kleenex (doesn’t matter if your sick or not)

Okay, this may seem like a lot but if you consider the size of these things it’s not. It can’t fit into a clutch but hey. Have these things on deck at all times and if you feel like I forgot anything, let me know.

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