Alicia Keys took a vintage approach for the video for her hit single “Unthinkable”, both visually and stylistically. Her blue dress she rocked in the mom-and-pop store scene had a lot of people asking, “where can I get mine?” Well, look no further:

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Everyone seems to have forgotten, or simply were never informed, of what sexy really means. I recently did a 4-part series on what sexy means for the teens, 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s, and to further emphasize how to be sexy without showing or doing too much I will reference an old classic: Baywatch

I remember seeing re-runs of Baywatch growing up, since I was very young when the series was originally airing. The iconic show (which holds the Guinness World Record of being the most watched show in television history, drawing in 1.1 billion viewers a week) was just as iconic as its red one-piece bathing suits, and the constant running. It would make the average person think , either they’re passionate life guards or very sexy track stars. Which ever way, the Baywatch girls were sexy! A red one-piece and long damp hair was enough to make guys lose their minds.

But now-a-days, two-pieces are all the rage. The one piece isn’t sexy enough, it leaves too much to the imagination. Not to mention you didn’t work out all Fall to cover your surfer abs! But who says it’s not sexy? Check out a few of my favorite one-pieces, sexy one-pieces.

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It seems like industries are getting more (or is it less?) creative when it comes to celebrity products. First it was the celebrity clothing line, then it was the celebrity fragrance, now its the celebrity book?

Don’t get me wrong, celebrities have been writing books and “how-to-be-like-me” guides for forever, but models, who are notoriously for being a few sandwiches short of a picnic, are getting in on the action too (Tyra Banks recently announced she will be writing a fantasy model trilogy). Miranda Kerr has let known to the world that she is writing a book titled Treasure Yourself which will encourage young women to “embrace their individuality.” Here’s what she had to say about her decision to pen the self-help guide:

“You may think it’s easy for me to say, but we all have insecurities. It’s important, as women, to get past all of that and let our talents shine.”

Well, can’t knock the hustle. I guess Miranda will be on Forbes’ “Top Earning Models” list again next year!

An outfit is nothing (and I mean NOTHING) without the perfect accessory to top it off. It’s like eating a cake without icing, or a foundation with no building. So FM has chosen a few of our favorite things to top of your favorite spring look:

Whether it’s a statement necklace, a bold cuff, or chic cocktail ring, the jewelery you choose can make or break your outfit. I usually don’t wear jewelery, because I’m allergic to everything (costume jewelry, sterling silver, gold below 12 karats, you get it) but I absolutely do go for bold when I do find the right pieces. Check out a few things I’m loving at the moment. Continue reading ‘FM’s Pick: Spring’s Best Jewelery’

All this talk about pump this, stiletto that, 4 inches here, 6 inches there- all that heel could wear and tear a girl’s feet! I mean, it’s good to be prepared for all the fancy things in life, but what about the casual days? Because I’m sure you have more of those than the dressy ones:

Finding the perfect sandal is not as easy as it sounds! Trust me, I’ve worked around shoes in my professional life long enough to know that finding the right sandal can be harder than finding the right pump. “How,” you ask? Well, when you shop for heels the last thing you look for is comfort, so you don’t factor that into your buying decision, with a sandal, comfort is the first. So when you find a cute sandal that’s too flat and doesn’t support your arch, or too rounded at the toe and doesn’t look right on your narrow feet, or straps that don’t support the guaranteed Summed swelling, it makes it hard. But I have your guide, and a few of my faves, to get you where you need to be.

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Prada has launched a new range inspired by the retro era, appropriately titled “Print Collection”. After all, there was no one rocking prints like June Cleaver (see: Leave It To Beaver)!

“Retro millenium” would probably be a good phrase to describe this collection, because that’s what it is. It’s a vintage style modernized to fit perfectly into society; a society where nothing is original, yet everything is new. The revival of era’s has been going on in fashion since forever, and who else but Prada to breathe life back into the home maker days?

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Forbes recently released their annual list of 2009-2010’s top earning models, and it’s no surprise that most of them are Victoria’s Secret models:

1. Gisele Bündchen of course tops the list (again) with a whopping annual salary of $25 million. I mean, work it out then, girl!

2. As Victoria Secret’s OG runway killer, the host of Germany’s Next Top Model & Bravo’s Project Runway, along with her Jordache campaign and other modeling jobs, Heidi Klum managed to contribute $16 million to her already full house.

3. Due to her successful collaboration with TopShop, her line of bags with Longchamp, and her range of fragrances, British modeling icon Kate Moss raked in $9 million. Hmm, too bad models don’t get royalty’s from past modeling jobs, then she would have really been cakin’ it!

4. Adriana Lima, who happens to be my favorite model, came in at #4 (don’t worry, Adriana, you’re still a winner) with $7.5 milli. Those Victoria’s Secret & Maybelline checks are treating her well I see.

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Party girl Paris Hilton is getting her Elizabeth Taylor on! She recently revealed that she will be releasing her 10th fragrance, appropriately titled Tease. Question is, who knew she was 10 fragrances in?

LOVE.ING this ad by the way! The Marilyn Monroe impersonations are a bit ran into the ground and over worked at this point, but Paris definitely is making the late Ms. Monroe proud with this one! The scent, a fruity-floral blend of Fuji apple, white peach nectar and bergamot, is balanced with white flowers and has base notes of amber, blonde woods and warm sand—designed to capture the spirit of the 1940s movie star. About the fragrance, she said:

Tease is a really sweet and flirty scent, so the name is very fitting. It’s playful and sexy–perfect for grabbing attention.”

A lot of people do not know that Paris is quite the entrepreneur. Unlike her sister Nicky, she just chooses to ride shotgun in the fame vehicle going 160 MPH, so people tend to forget about the brand behind the name. But just for kicks, let’s take a look at Paris’ past fragrances. Continue reading ‘Paris Hilton Is Such A Tease’

Ever wanted to know what the ladies of Sex & The City were wearing, who designed it, and if you can’t afford it where you can get it for less? Well, look no longer, the Sex & The City wardrobe team has launched a site called “Sex & The City | The Closet” which reveals several looks worn by the stylish cast in part 2 of the super successful flick:

(click pic for larger image)

Whether you’re a fan of Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte, or Carrie‘s wardrobe, this site has got you covered! Now you can look like the cast of SATC 2 without breaking the bank, thanks to Patricia Fields and all the other lovely folks on wardrobe.

To see more looks from the virtual closet and get the link to the site Continue reading ‘Sex & The City 2: THE CLOSET’

Yes, I said it. I think people confuse House of Dereon with Dereon constantly, not knowing that these brands have two completely different images. Dereon, which is the junior’s line carried in Macy’s and stores like it, is the brand that a lot of people frown on and vow to never wear, while House of Dereon is the higher-end more contemporary line carried in Bloomingdales that people never seem to know exists:

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