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Alicia Keys took a vintage approach for the video for her hit single “Unthinkable”, both visually and stylistically. Her blue dress she rocked in the mom-and-pop store scene had a lot of people asking, “where can I get mine?” Well, look no further: The dress was by ANLO:

It seems like industries are getting more (or is it less?) creative when it comes to celebrity products. First it was the celebrity clothing line, then it was the celebrity fragrance, now its the celebrity book? Don’t get me wrong, celebrities have been writing books and “how-to-be-like-me” guides for forever, but models, who are notoriously […]

Prada has launched a new range inspired by the retro era, appropriately titled “Print Collection”. After all, there was no one rocking prints like June Cleaver (see: Leave It To Beaver)! “Retro millenium” would probably be a good phrase to describe this collection, because that’s what it is. It’s a vintage style modernized to fit […]

Party girl Paris Hilton is getting her Elizabeth Taylor on! She recently revealed that she will be releasing her 10th fragrance, appropriately titled Tease. Question is, who knew she was 10 fragrances in? LOVE.ING this ad by the way! The Marilyn Monroe impersonations are a bit ran into the ground and over worked at this […]

Christian Milian showed off her post-baby body, which she says she is still working on improving, at Nylon & YouTube’s “Young Hollywood” Party recently: There are a lot of trends going on here. Denim, fringe, graphics, and colors that don’t coordinate. It could have easily been a cute outfit had the Gucci belt been taken […]

Starting today, and continuing to Thursday, May 20, stars such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Beverly Knight, Elle Macpherson, Alexa Chung, Annie Lennox and many others are donating clothes from their walk-in closets to Oxfam Curiosity Shop in Selfridges store in London: The charity pop-up shop will be staffed by A-Listers and will stock hand-picked high-end […]

Cassie is, in my humble opinion, the flyest chick in the game. I mean, the others are fly too, but there’s something about this Cassie: (click pic for larger image) She hit up Candies 6th annual “Event To Prevent” benefit a couple days ago rocking a black one shoulder mini dress, and Giuseppe Zanotti ankle […]

Rihanna took some time out of her very busy schedule to snap a few pics with Rolling Stone magazine for a sexy spread, rocking high-waist shorts and an angel wing tank:

Nicki Minaj‘s “Massive Attack” dropped last month, and with the whole world at the edge of their seats (maybe I’m pushing it) she gave us over 3 minutes, 3 separate scenery’s, and 5 outfit changes of Barbielicousness! I have revisited the video, and evaluated all 5 looks: FIRST LOOK: For her first look, Nicki accepted […]

Amber Rose, who has been making her nightclub/red carpet rounds (sans Kanye) ever since signing with Ford Models, was spotted out in Beverly Hills at an event rocking this all black get up: Sheer long sleeve top with a came underneath, satin-cotton-ish skirt with ruffles and strappy sandals. Its just really basic. I’ve seen better […]