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Like I promised, I am all over the red carpet [well not literally] at the BET Awards. There were some hits and misses in the fashion department, as for the show… let’s just say I’m glad there wasn’t too much hype surrounding it. Check out the red carpet though: Solange has definitely been on her […]

Black Is Back!


So after the recent “black-out” at New York Fashion Week in Fall 2007, the urge to give black models more jobs has become more of an outrage than an issue. So while everybody twiddled their thumbs wondering “Should we give these black models the job?” worrying about how poor they would do in sales, Vogue […]

Okay, I do notice the void in the fashion world when it comes to plus size women and black models. Let’s face it…. it’s not there! With Whitney winning ANTM recently and Tyra never being the “skinny model”, why is it that big girls STILL get no love? We don’t live in a “perfect” world and […]