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Ever wanted to know what the ladies of Sex & The City were wearing, who designed it, and if you can’t afford it where you can get it for less? Well, look no longer, the Sex & The City wardrobe team has launched a site called “Sex & The City | The Closet” which reveals […]

The biggest night in Hollywood, and the most fabulicous red carpet, went down last night and FM has the best and worst looks broken down for you: Zoe Saldana, who recently set Hollywood on fire with her roles in Star Trek and Avatar, hit the carpet in Givenchy Couture from its Spring 2010 Paris runway […]

Ahh, yes! It’s all coming together lovely! The cast of Sex & The City 2 were caught in the streets of Manhattan last night making the magic happen. And guess who was there too? Disney’s reigning princess Miley Cyrus is apparently making a cameo in the movie. Not sure if she will be playing herself […]

Okay maybe not soon-soon, but it’s coming: Looks like fashion-savvy Carrie, no-nonsense Miranda, pitch perfect Charlotte and the sex-driven Samantha will be back on the big screen for another hit. Check out the report: Carrie and Co. are headed back to the big screen. During an interview on Britain’s The Paul O’Grady Show, Kim Cattrall (a.k.a. Samantha […]

PEOPLE Magazine has released their annual Best Dressed list Number 10: Charlize Theron Number 9: Eva Mendes Number 8:   Michelle Obama Number 7: Sarah Jessica Parker Number 6:   Heidi Klum To see which celebs round out the Top 5…..

That’s my policy when it comes to necklaces and other accessories. Celebs love it (especially Beyonce!) and so do I! Layering necklaces and bangles/bracelets always looked a lot more funkier and fun and I almost never wear just one. I wouldn’t exactly call it a trend, but it’s definitely something you should consider. You can […]

Gladiator’s have been getting hot and heavy with Tinnseltown’s finest lately, and while the style is not brand new, Givenchy has revived it and put it on our favorite celebutantes making it the hottest trend out right now:     To see the multiple faces of this trend and see where you can purchase, read below […]

Just like I promised, I have more Sex and The City fashion coming your way. In this edition of Steal Her Look: Sex and The City Edition I am giving you Carrie Bradshaw’s shoes. Well, a cheaper alternative. The shoes she is rocking in this scene are Givenchy shoes. Chek out the cheaper alternative below […]

The movie of the century (in the fashion world at least) has came out and set a couple more trends and sparked some conversatin about the fashion. Who made the dress Carrie is wearing, OMG Samantha’s shoes are fab!, Look at Miranda’s bag…. How can I look like the girls of Sex & The City? […]

Oh No!


Okay, there’s that stylist going around Hollywood peddling the same dress again. In the latest fashion crisis, Sarah Jessica Parker wore this Nina Ricci dress to her Sex and The City new York premiere, which was the biggest premiere for the movie and while her dress was fabulous, she wasn’t the first (nor did she […]