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Rihanna took some time out of her very busy schedule to snap a few pics with Rolling Stone magazine for a sexy spread, rocking high-waist shorts and an angel wing tank:

… But she is definitely in the running for the title of the flyest. The international style icon (is it safe to call her that yet?) has been making her worldwide rounds for her current tour “Last Girl On Earth” and has done everything from bust her behind on stage, to get hospitalized, to play […]

I’m not making this up, she really doesn’t. While I love me some Meagan Good, I can’t continue to ignore her irresponsibility when putting her breast properly in her clothes: Whether its wearing no bra under the wrong shirt, no bra with the wrong dress, or finally wearing a bra but again with the wrong […]

Blue, my favorite color in the world. Well, maybe not all shades of blue but definitely royal blue! Because after all, I’m royalty… Don’t you agree? Nevermind. *Kanye shrug* Last Spring, celebs like Rihanna, Beyonce, Ciara, Kim Kardashian and others helped bring denim jackets back to the forefront, and with H&M’s new blue collection it […]

Rihanna stepped out recently in an outfit that made me go “hmmmm…”, she hasn’t made me do that in a while: LIONS, TIGERS, BEARS, OH MY!! There is just way too much going on here. Mixing animal prints, with floral, with fringe, and metallic, gee luh-frikkin wiz! Every outfit I feel makes a statement, but […]

In Part 1 of “What Does Sexy Mean To You?”, I did looks for teens. Now, it’s time for the 20’s! The age where all the mistakes are made and the real trial and error begins, in dating, in work, and definitely in style. Yikes! Rihanna, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian all collectively represent the early, […]

Yasss! This song is my favorite off of Rihanna‘s Rated R album. When I first heard this, I said “THIS is the Rihanna who came out with “Pon De Replay”, as an innocent Caribbean girl repping her island”! When Rihanna first came out, I was a very big fan, partly because I was from the islands as well and […]

It’s been a decade already? Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating a new millennium, and the world not ending! Officially leaving the single digits and venturing into new, not-yet market territory, so many fly things and people came up in ’09, and we must celebrate: 10: Va$htie Kola Music video director, party producer, designer […]

That Rihanna rain just won’t let up… Rihanna is covering the January issue of GQ and showing us her teta’s… again: Loving the blonde on her though! I also love how she doesn’t randomly do different styles, she transitions, which makes her progress seem that much more genuine. She also released a teaser of her […]

Back in August 6, 2009, New York Post’s blog had this to say about Kelis‘ new look at the time (her blue hair): Just like rappers sample other singers tracks, Kelis has taken it upon herself to riff on Rihanna’s new peacock do. And in true remix style, she’s thrown way too much at the […]