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So every time we (fashion bloggers) do red carpet coverage and we choose the HIT’s and MISSES, basically what we are doing is complaining right? So for all the MISSES or poor outfit choices from the 5th Annual Fashion Rocks event, I have for you: “What They Should’ve Wore” because I’m about solutions (and not to […]

Celebs brought out their best for the 5th Annual Fashion Rocks event, which is the event that kicks off fashion week. As usual, there were HIT’s and then there were MISSES: Of course Beyonce came out, looking simple but still fabulous and fashionable. Love the hair, make up and outfit. The whole look just works […]

Going Backless?


There are times when we see celebrity’s in dresses that leaves their back exposed, and we wonder “are they wearing a bra? Can they wear a bra?” I know I do: There are certain dresses with low cut back’s that we absolutely love but it seems impossible to wear because there is no room for […]