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We’re totally over Fall, and all the leaves are officially off the trees! The weather is getting colder, the winds are getting more intense, and you can actually see when you speak now (that cold weather breath). It’s time to put back up the cute trench coats and motorcycle jackets, and pull out the cold […]

So, obviously the perks of fame is having options. Lindsay Lohan has been appointed ‘artistic adviser’ (should I have capitalized that title?) of Emanuel Ungaro. A decision that reportedly made the head designer, Esteban Cortazar, step down from his position. He left over reported disagreements on which direction the brand should go. Ungaro CEO Mounir […]

Apparently a recession is no obstacle for Lindsay Lohan, because her Marilyn Monroe inspired leggings line, 6126, is selling like hot cakes: “They’re blowing off the shelves,” a spokesperson for Hollywood shop Intuition told the Daily News. Which is no small feat with the leggings being priced at $44-$132. The top seller is none other […]

Apart of what I do, being a Wardrobe Consultant, is closet audit’s. I go in my client’s closet and we decide what goes and what stays. What’s way out of style, what’s classic and what’s just straight up a big no-no! So in honor of a New Year coming in a matter of days, I […]

As I previously posted before, I have decided to finally step out and become a Wardrobe Consultant. Apart of my job is to perform Wardrobe Makeovers and in honor of my new profession– my first “subject” will be Lindsay Lohan: LiLo, as she is affectionately called by the press, has fell off the fabulous ban wagon […]

Forget the black, forget the red, royal blue is the new all of that. This color is a secret obsession of mine and has been after I realized how it can grab attention and how well it looks on all figures and skin tones. Only two colors have been able to do just that- red […]

Hervé Léger has been in the game for a while and has been around longer than some of the celebs who wear it. This is a trend in Hollywood that has went un-noticed, and is not going anywhere.The signature bandage fit have become so recognizable that you don’t even need to ask… who made her dress?? […]

Oh No!


Okay, there’s that stylist going around Hollywood peddling the same dress again. In the latest fashion crisis, Sarah Jessica Parker wore this Nina Ricci dress to her Sex and The City new York premiere, which was the biggest premiere for the movie and while her dress was fabulous, she wasn’t the first (nor did she […]

I knew I wasn’t bugging out when I kept seeing these pants pop up. Either I was having a serious case of Deja Vu or these tights/pants were IN! Hollywood celebs have been rocking these leather/latex tights with heels, boots, but mostly with boots. From left to right: Lauren London, Mena Suvari, Rihanna and Lindsay Lohan […]