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Because I am all about solutions, and I love giving people makeovers, I bring to you again: What They Should’ve Wore- Grammy Edition: 1. Leona Lewis What was wrong with this picture? Well, this ill-fitting nude gown, blonde hair and tan skin was just a tad too much. Now don’t get it twisted, she should […]

The 51st Annual Grammy Awards went down last night at the Staples Center. While the red carpet this year was a tad blah and boring to me, I have to bring it to you regardless: Jennifer Hudson made her appearance in a RM by Roland Mouret trenet high neck dress and Christian Louboutin pumps. She […]

I’m not sure how good of a choice this is, especially since Rihanna has NEVER been on the cover of VIBE (besides the now defunct VIBE Vixen, in which she was the last cover girl). Beyonce, or even Solange,would have been a better choice. My no-no’s for this cover would have been between Ms. Cole […]

This trend seems to be getting popular by the day, and it needs to stop before it gets out of hand: Rihanna first sported the trend with smiley faces on her nails in December at an event in London, England. Then Heidi Montag decided to hop on the band wagon with the Chanel logo on her […]

So every time we (fashion bloggers) do red carpet coverage and we choose the HIT’s and MISSES, basically what we are doing is complaining right? So for all the MISSES or poor outfit choices from the 5th Annual Fashion Rocks event, I have for you: “What They Should’ve Wore” because I’m about solutions (and not to […]

Celebs brought out their best for the 5th Annual Fashion Rocks event, which is the event that kicks off fashion week. As usual, there were HIT’s and then there were MISSES: Of course Beyonce came out, looking simple but still fabulous and fashionable. Love the hair, make up and outfit. The whole look just works […]

Lately Keyshia Cole has been seen with some very bright eyes. While this trend is supposed to be heavy this season, being that the biggest trends in clothing are Maxi Dresses and Florals, Keyshia seems to be one-step ahead of her celebrity counterparts. Check out Keyshia’s bright eyes: I love the look on her and […]

The red carpet was not the only place that fashion was because once inside, the stage was the premiere place for who wore what. Ciara wore short shorts and Jordans while she performed “Stepped On My J’z” with Nelly and Jermaine Dupri   When she came out for the surprise dance performance with Chris Brownfor […]

Yellow Fever


After careful examination, I noticed a couple people at the BET Awards had yellow fever. While many dos and donts were on display and a lot of different fashions were in full effect, this one color was everywhere:   Trina, Keyshia Cole, Lauren London and Rihanna all rocked yellow dresses. Keyshia and Trina went short with […]

Like I promised, I am all over the red carpet [well not literally] at the BET Awards. There were some hits and misses in the fashion department, as for the show… let’s just say I’m glad there wasn’t too much hype surrounding it. Check out the red carpet though: Solange has definitely been on her […]