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Bossy chick Kelis has released her official album cover for her upcoming LP Fleshtones, and it’s dopeness per usual: Do you guys love, or should she try again?

Every summer, us ladies venture off into hair magazine land and try to find the perfect ‘do that will make summer remember us long after the leaves have changed colors. With runway designers and celebrities setting the pace for every season, this season may be the time to bring out the blunt bangs! When I […]

When I first heard “Acapella” I thought “YES! Kelis is back to take what is rightfully hers- the top spot in Techno/Pop!” After the single shot to #1 on the Dance Billboard charts, she has officially released the video, which features a cameo from her baby boy Knight Jones. I must say, I am loving […]

Back in August 6, 2009, New York Post’s blog had this to say about Kelis‘ new look at the time (her blue hair): Just like rappers sample other singers tracks, Kelis has taken it upon herself to riff on Rihanna’s new peacock do. And in true remix style, she’s thrown way too much at the […]

Crossing over from R&B to pop/techno (was she ever really R&B?)? Check. Cutting off all her hair, going from a bob to a crop? Check. Dressing crazy and rocking unheard of designers? Check. Using rock beats and slaying them with technically R&B vocals? Check. Since 1999 (when her Kaleidoscope album dropped) Kelis‘ style and sound […]

Hit or Miss?


Kelis hit up the Way Out West festival in Sweden to perform in this very interesting outfit. I have to say, Kelis was always a fly girl and no doubt about it she still is but lately she has definitely been falling off! I hate to say it but the fierce chic we all came […]

Best Hair


This post is very random, I know, but I couldn’t help it. I am obsessed with hair and ELLE recently listed Rihanna as one of the best hair’s in Hollywood, so I wanted to put in my 2 cents. MY PICKS for celeb’s with the best hair are….: For every best, of course there is […]

Hit or Miss?


Another one bites the dust…. Kelis, who happens to be one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to fashion, was up to her usual antics. While this outfit is very “Kelis” I’m not exactly sure if what ever mission she was on was accomplished… HIT or MISS? P.S. Kelis I still love you! Don’t […]

Ever since Rihanna went short early last year to promote her Good Girl Gone Bad album it seems like everybody was rushing to the hair salons with pictures of Little Miss Sunshine. Although Kelis bust the trend first in her “Bossy” video when she boldly cut her hair at the beginning of the video, Bajan […]