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Every summer, us ladies venture off into hair magazine land and try to find the perfect ‘do that will make summer remember us long after the leaves have changed colors. With runway designers and celebrities setting the pace for every season, this season may be the time to bring out the blunt bangs! When I […]

It’s here again, when the fabulous worlds of fashion, and female empowerment collide to honor all the women in Hollywood- from newcomers to legends- who have made a mark and paved the way. It all went down last night in Beverly Hills at the Four Seasons Hotel, and I can say everyone “shut it down” […]

Apart of what I do, being a Wardrobe Consultant, is closet audit’s. I go in my client’s closet and we decide what goes and what stays. What’s way out of style, what’s classic and what’s just straight up a big no-no! So in honor of a New Year coming in a matter of days, I […]

While someone can look good alone, it’s very hard to look good as a pair. The female can be fly as hell but they guy just can’t hold his own weight and vice versa, for two people together to be considered a “Best Dressed Couple”… well… that’s a category all by itself. Here are FM’s […]

New Trend?


It looks like Mrs. Cruise is trying to start a trend with these rolled up pants, that everyone seems to be talking about, she recently rocked while making her rounds: Is there potential in this trend? I think it’s possible. Not because it’s hot but because when it comes to setting the tone in fashion- it […]

Not like that, I’m talking about their hair. With summer in full swing and fall right around the corner more and more celebs are cutting off their long lock’s. I did a post about the short hair trend back in May when I first started my blog and a lot of more Hollywood A-Lister’s are […]