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Nope. Not one bit. After Tyra Banks‘ recent season opener for her talk show, with her showcasing her real hair, hit the air– everyone weighed in, and not everyone was impressed. Joy Bryant being one of them: I voiced my opinion on this very here blog, and honestly I was not impressed, looks like Joy […]

The last day of the most fabulous week ever, Fashion Week, was Friday, September 12th. Since it’s Fashion Week, there were a lot of eyes on and off the runway. There were those who came dressed to perfection, those who tried too hard and then there were those who didn’t seem to try at all. […]



This is every celebs WORST nightmare! Showing up to the same event, in the same anything as your famous counterparts. Because this is a more laid back event and a more laid back look, it’s not as bad: Actresses Paula Patton and Joy Bryant both came out to the Target event in NYC on Wednesday in […]

Celebs came out to Target’s “Bullseye Bodega” event on Wednesday night: Can I just say those shoes are all the way fab? I love them, I need some shoes like that, especially for this fall. Love the necklace too. Paula Patton rocked a fab laid back look, but isn’t someone else at that same event […]

Hit or Miss?


American Sweetheart Joy Bryant attended The Whitney Contemporaries’ Art Party and Auction at Skylight in New York yesterday with this look. While I think this get up is cute, there was a Hit or Miss? question in my mind. So…. Hit or Miss?