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Beyonce recently hit up the Coachella Music & Art Festival with her hubby Jay-Z rocking a very interesting look. Not really like her at all: The sheer cropped top, the leather skirt, the cowboy boots.. The headband, I mean, that ain’t it. But when you’re Beyonce you pretty much do what you want. What do […]

We’re totally over Fall, and all the leaves are officially off the trees! The weather is getting colder, the winds are getting more intense, and you can actually see when you speak now (that cold weather breath). It’s time to put back up the cute trench coats and motorcycle jackets, and pull out the cold […]

For years, fashion has been a creative and often times necessary outlet for designers. Designers! Creators and fans of ARTWORK, that was designed with the consumer in mind. Clothing companies consisted of a creative director that was a mastermind in coming up with concepts for collections, ad campaigns, and runway shows because they lived and […]

While someone can look good alone, it’s very hard to look good as a pair. The female can be fly as hell but they guy just can’t hold his own weight and vice versa, for two people together to be considered a “Best Dressed Couple”… well… that’s a category all by itself. Here are FM’s […]

Ralph Lauren and LeBron James got together last night in NYC at the Ralph Lauren store for Lebron James’ Foundation. You know I love fashion for a good cause! LeBron brought out his fiancee Savannah who looked very sophisticated Cassie came out looking fab, and wearing my shoes (again). 😦 LaLa and Carmelo came out […]

Fashion Police


Literally. While I don’t rock with the whole baggy pants thing, [I wouldn’t date a guy who’s pants were at his knees] I don’t agree with this new law. I recently heard of it through a counselor that was telling me that they are trying to make wearing saggy pants illegal, especially here in New York. […]