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The final chapter! I have done 2 parts on what I think sexy means to the teens, 20’s and 30’s, and how you should show off your sexy at each decade. Now, we’re on to the 40’s: No one said you can’t be sexy at 40! Usually, at this decade, some have grown children and […]

There’s something in the water. I have noticed that Oscar winner Halle Berry, Grammy winner Rihanna, and super model/fashion icon Cindy Crawford, along with many others, have one thing in common: they love the hooded dress: Whether you rock it with your hood pulled over your head like Rihanna, or rock it with the hood down […]

It seems like everyone was having babies in 2008! But with celebrities, it’s different. With the never ending lights and the paparazzi that seem to have more right to your space than you do- not even a hair could be out of place. Pregnant or not. So, for the mommies who kept that in mind, […]

Halle Berry came out to New York City to debut her much anticipated fragrance, Halle By Halle Berry: Here’s the report: “It’s my second baby!”, the new mom told Access today about her latest gig. “Because my name is really on it, it was really important that it be something that I chose that I […]

While someone can look good alone, it’s very hard to look good as a pair. The female can be fly as hell but they guy just can’t hold his own weight and vice versa, for two people together to be considered a “Best Dressed Couple”… well… that’s a category all by itself. Here are FM’s […]

My inspiration for turning 40, Halle Berry, hit up Calvin Klein’s 40th Anniversary party in NYC during Fashion Week: This look is classic, I like how she dresses very sexy but still her age. Maybe Mariah can learn a thing or two from her.

GQ Of The Day


Almost every blog I’ve been to, that is owned by men, they feature beautiful models/actresses to please the appetite of other men. But I’m saying, as women we need it too. So I have officially started my daily installment of “GQ Of The Day”, where I will feature a VERY VERY sexy male model/actor that […]

I have been seeing a certain pair of Tom Ford sunglasses popping up everywhere and the most recent was on Vanessa Simmons on an episode of Run’s House from their new season. But she wasn’t the only one: I absolutely love these shades and leave it to me to find them for you:   (Kimora’s) […]



Halle Berry first wore this Hale Bob dress while running errands in Beverly Hills then Paris Hilton rocked it while attending an Art Gallery with her sister Nicky. My money is on Halle being that she had the new and improved “mommy body” to pull it off. Then again: Halle wore this Yoanna Baraschi dress while out & […]

  Halle Berry may not have been shutting down red carpets with the usual “Celeb Post Baby Body” but her fashionable candids of her shopping and strolling in & around Beverly Hills have definitely been something to admire. So for my second Halle SHL post, you can have her Karta Tank Dress. To find out where […]