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The animated rap villain, Nicki Minaj, graced the cover of XXL with her much buzzed about label mate Drake and we finally have the outtakes from the shoot. Looks like Nicki was trying to channel the fallen American icon, Marilyn Monroe:

It seems like everyone was having babies in 2008! But with celebrities, it’s different. With the never ending lights and the paparazzi that seem to have more right to your space than you do- not even a hair could be out of place. Pregnant or not. So, for the mommies who kept that in mind, […]

While someone can look good alone, it’s very hard to look good as a pair. The female can be fly as hell but they guy just can’t hold his own weight and vice versa, for two people together to be considered a “Best Dressed Couple”… well… that’s a category all by itself. Here are FM’s […]

Every season or year their is a shoe or bag that seems to be on every celebutante’s feet or arm. This go-round it’s none other than the ever popular YSL Tribute Sandals. Just looking at them I wouldn’t think to purchase them but they are actually growing on me. Sanaa has a pair. Keri has […]

Steal Her Look


Gwen Stefani has to be the most unique individual in Tinnseltown when it comes to fashion. From bringing Tokyo street fashion to the red carpet, putting life size doll houses in music videos (“What U Waiting For?”), putting a rock glam twist to Hollywood glam, embodying the Jamaican culture in a high-end fashion brand to […]