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Donatella has done it again! I have always been a fan of Versace and have always said when my money is exactly where I want and need it to be, there will be Versace everywhere! Even to the grocery store, and not because I “got it like that” but because I simply don’t own anyone […]

Barack The Vote


Fab couple Eva Marcille & Lance Grossare featured in the new campaign for the “Barack Wear” line of T-Shirts Barack The Vote. I am loving this political fashion for one being that I am HUGE Barack supporter and HUGE fashion lover. Best of both worlds, loves it! To see some T-Shirts from the line and […]

Like I promised, I am all over the red carpet [well not literally] at the BET Awards. There were some hits and misses in the fashion department, as for the show… let’s just say I’m glad there wasn’t too much hype surrounding it. Check out the red carpet though: Solange has definitely been on her […]