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And no, Michelle Obama is not starring in the return-to-Broadway production of the iconic stage play, but she did look lovely in a [literally] dazzling sleeveless gold gown and shawl designed by Indian-American designer Naeem Khan, who also designed the costumes for the 2006 movie “Dreamgirls”: Her & presidential husband Barack Obama welcomed Prime Minister […]

Fab First Lady Michelle Obama is gracing the December issue of Glamour magazine! Looking lovely in red, she gives *expert* dating advice, and style advice. And who else to accept dating advice from, after all she snagged the most eligible bachelor years before he became our President! 😉 On dating, and not going for the […]

Michelle Obama has left the black fashion community in an uproar: Apparently, the First Lady has left a bad taste in a few peoples mouths when she attended the swearing in ceremony and Inaugural Ball for her husband President Barack Obama NOT wearing something made by a black designer: The Black Artists Association is upset with our […]

As we expected, all eyes were on First Lady Michelle Obama and what she would wear. Here are her day and night looks: For the official swearing in ceremony of her husband President Barack Obama, Michelle wore a yellow gold and green ensemble by Cuban designer Isabel Toledo and gloves from J. Crew. The First daughters […]

Last night was a historic night. Here I was watching CNN (my guilty pleasure, LoL) and I’m giving live updates on the election in my “Away Message” on AIM and then BAMMM… “Barack Obama has been elected President of the United States of America”…. Wait, WHAT?!?!?!? Then it said “CNN Projection”, which means based on the […]

…. By any means necessary ALSO… Since I haven’t posted my ‘GQ Of The Day’ post in a long time, there it is! LoL.

Barack The Vote


Fab couple Eva Marcille & Lance Grossare featured in the new campaign for the “Barack Wear” line of T-Shirts Barack The Vote. I am loving this political fashion for one being that I am HUGE Barack supporter and HUGE fashion lover. Best of both worlds, loves it! To see some T-Shirts from the line and […]

Never has a Presidential hopeful- or President for that matter- inspire a nation the way Barack Obama has. Not only has he inspired young people like myself to get up and vote he has also inspired the world of fashion as well. Italian designer Donatella Versace used his personality and style as inspiration for her Men’s spring […]