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This laser shoulder detail is the hottest on-stage costume ever! Ever! When I saw Rihanna‘s performance at the AMA’s Sunday night, I thought “hmm, something looks familiar”, then I brushed it off, continued to enjoy the performance, got up the following morning and browsed the web: LOW & BEHOLD, the fly folks over at Stuff […]

The red carpet for last night’s American Music Awards was just like the show– overall boring, with a few good moments. Emphasis on few. For the looks I didn’t like or thought was mediocre, I made over. Y’all know how I feel about solutions: if you don’t have a solution to the problem, don’t complain […]

While I missed the red carpet coverage, I did tune into the show, which for the most part flopped this year. My highlights we’re definitely Jay-Z & Alicia Keys‘ performance of “Empire State Of Mind”, Whitney Houston‘s performance of “I Didn’t Know My Strength”, Black Eyed Peas‘ performance, Rihanna‘s performance, and Janet Jackson‘s medley. Adam […]