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This is actually one of my favorite features I do on FM, and I really don’t do it enough! Maybe the reason for this is I don’t come by people who serve as style muses and inspire. There’s so much focus on trend spotting and who’s wearing what, the originality is almost sucked out. But […]

From exaggerated shoulders, to ankle boots, to boyfriend blazers, to one-shoulder dresses, Kim Kardashian is indeed one of the flyest chics to stroll down Robertson Blvd. Whether shopping with her famous family, or attending a red carpet affair, she seems to never miss a beat. For this ‘What Would ____ Do?’ post, I chose Kimmy (as Khloe […]

I know it’s been a while since I’ve done one of my ‘What Would _____ Do?’ posts, but it’s back with a bang! For this edition, I chose style child, Solange Knowles, and her funkadelic selections: Consisting of faux fur vests, flirty layered skirts, bold jewelry, color me happy shoes, never leave home without me […]

I know it’s been a while since I did one of my “What Would _____ Do?” posts, but I am back with another fly one. Ms. Alicia Keys: Alicia Keys’ stylist, Wouri Vice, often describes her style as “ghetto fabulous”, more so the latter than the former. She seems to be a major fan of colored denim, never settling for the boring […]

I know it’s been a while– but it’s back! For this edition of “What Would ____ Do?” I have for you ladies one of the flyest chic’s in the game: Cassie For some items that Cassie would most likely rock….

For those of you new to Fashion Manifesto, What Would (insert name here) Do? is a compilation of items that the featured celebrity would most likely wear. For the third installment, due to the suggestion of a reader, I will feature Ashanti. I have to say, she has been on point lately. So, What Would […]

For my first What Would _______ Do? post, I featured Rihanna. For those of you who missed it, What Would _____ Do? is basically a compilation of clothing/accessories the featured celebrity would most likely wear. For this issue I have one of my favorite singers (Beyonce & Alicia Keys is my two favorite singers) Beyonce Knowles-Carter […]

I noticed how well people respond to Steal Her Look and also it’s a very popular topic on every single fashion blog on the WWW. So I decided to do a compilation of items that our favorite stars will most likely wear. Let’s face it, sometimes SHL doesn’t really help. Either we can’t afford it […]