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It’s one trend that sticks out more than others this season, and it is definitely the Nautical look. Tommy Hilfiger expressed this clearly in his Spring 2010 collection: I have always been a fan of the classic navy blue stripes, rope & brass, and even the red, white & blue color scheme (although I’m the […]

Blue, my favorite color in the world. Well, maybe not all shades of blue but definitely royal blue! Because after all, I’m royalty… Don’t you agree? Nevermind. *Kanye shrug* Last Spring, celebs like Rihanna, Beyonce, Ciara, Kim Kardashian and others helped bring denim jackets back to the forefront, and with H&M’s new blue collection it […]

This Spring, the biggest boom in denim is back and ready for another round! Khloe & Kourtney Kardashian, and Cassie have all been spotted recently wearing the super cute but super comfy boyfriend jeans while out and about: Before I continue, let me just say Cassie is killin’ ’em! Now, back to our regular scheduled […]

There’s something in the water. I have noticed that Oscar winner Halle Berry, Grammy winner Rihanna, and super model/fashion icon Cindy Crawford, along with many others, have one thing in common: they love the hooded dress: Whether you rock it with your hood pulled over your head like Rihanna, or rock it with the hood down […]

While one-shoulder dresses have been around for a while, and honestly isn’t going anywhere, it seemed to have picked up momentum this season. This trend may seem like more of a spring thing, but just remember– Fall is just a gloomier version of Spring. Same cool, crisp weather. Also, you won’t be outdoors the whole […]

Just hints of sheer, please don’t get too excited and go over board this season: Judging from Milan Fashion Week’s runway shows, sheer will definitely be major for Spring as well! Eve nailed this trend right on with this look, while promoting “Whip It” in LA recently, a new movie she is in. From red […]

The caged look has been a favorite of mine ever since Yves Saint Laurent launched their Spring 2009 collection. Not only did I pick up on it, but celebs have also hopped on the ban wagon to make this trend a must have for this season: The caged shoe dominated the Spring collections of Giuseppe Zanotti, […]

The biggest boom of the 90s is back: the denim jacket! There was a time in fashion when the denim jacket was a wardrobe staple. You had to have it, or else your look wouldn’t be complete. At some point in time, the jean jacket slipped through the ever revolving door of fashion, never to […]

Recently one of my FM readers wrote me and said, “is it okay to wear leggings in fall/winter?” While it’s not okay to wear leggings during this brutally cold season, I do have an alternative that can give you the leggings feel without looking cheap or freezing your azz off. In these recent weeks, Beyonce, Cassie and […]

Shirt Dresses has become very popular over the years and with the summer time officially in swing, it’s been making it’s rounds on our favorite celebs. It is by far the most convenient, casual and stylish piece of clothing you will ever wear. I love it and you should too:   To see where to […]