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The red carpet for last night’s American Music Awards was just like the show– overall boring, with a few good moments. Emphasis on few. For the looks I didn’t like or thought was mediocre, I made over. Y’all know how I feel about solutions: if you don’t have a solution to the problem, don’t complain […]

Mariah Carey stepped out on Easter in a pink ruffled dress that just screamed “Oh no!” in all the right ways. Even Mimi herself admitted to the dress being a hell no: Why is this dress wrong? Well, there are simply too many ruffles! If Mariah was 12, this would have been perfect for Easter, but […]

Because I am all about solutions, and I love giving people makeovers, I bring to you again: What They Should’ve Wore- Grammy Edition: 1. Leona Lewis What was wrong with this picture? Well, this ill-fitting nude gown, blonde hair and tan skin was just a tad too much. Now don’t get it twisted, she should […]

This trend seems to be getting popular by the day, and it needs to stop before it gets out of hand: Rihanna first sported the trend with smiley faces on her nails in December at an event in London, England. Then Heidi Montag decided to hop on the band wagon with the Chanel logo on her […]

Okay, I know it always seems like I’m picking on Brandy and her fashion choices, but either her or her stylist need to get it together: There is just all kinds of wrong going on in this picture. For one, that is too much brown. A brown sweater, brown boots and brown bag. A contrast […]

Ladies, there are certain ways to do certain things. And this is NOT how you do torn jeans (or distressed anything for that matter): Brandy stepped out in L.A. this week to run some errands and thought that ripping a big hole on the thighs of her True Religion jeans was a bright idea. Or […]

At every red carpet event, there is the good, the bad and the ugly. Some people try too hard, some don’t try hard enough while some is just effortless. Lets start this post off on a good note: My picks for Best Dressed are Heidi Klum (in Armani Prive), Nicolette Sheridan (in custom made Angel Sanchez […]

So every time we (fashion bloggers) do red carpet coverage and we choose the HIT’s and MISSES, basically what we are doing is complaining right? So for all the MISSES or poor outfit choices from the 5th Annual Fashion Rocks event, I have for you: “What They Should’ve Wore” because I’m about solutions (and not to […]

Style Overload


Seriously. This is definitely too much at one time. The fringe bag, the Gucci Babouska boots, the name chain AND thick chain. You definitely don’t want to overload on trends or styles. She could have kept on just the name chain and left the other one at home if her bag & shoes would have […]

Ashanti has been making all the wrong choices when it comes to fashion as of late, her latest being her outfit she wore while performing at The Grove in LA. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back: I am about sick and tired of this Sugar.Honey.Ice.Tea. Ashanti, if you see this, can you […]