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Prada has launched a new range inspired by the retro era, appropriately titled “Print Collection”. After all, there was no one rocking prints like June Cleaver (see: Leave It To Beaver)! “Retro millenium” would probably be a good phrase to describe this collection, because that’s what it is. It’s a vintage style modernized to fit […]

I have always admired Lena Horne from generations away, but I never truly took an interest in her until recently (I’m more Grace Kelly obsessed than anything). It’s a shame that we choose to acknowledge magnitude’s of greatness, such as Ms. Horne, after they’re gone. But in honor of their legacy, their impact must be […]

Oh, how we love us some Chanel! But with the original taste maker, Karl Lagerfeld, now finding himself trying to keep up with the Jones’ (or the Gucci’s), that fresh breath of what Coco started has sort of lost its breath. BUT, who the heck knew Shop Bop was reliving the good ole’ days of […]

At the devastating, sudden, and heart-breaking news of Michael Jackson’s death (I still can’t believe it!!), many people are remembering him for the  many things he have done, and contributed to pop culture and the world at large, through out his 50 years of life. I am a “youngin’”, so while I wasn’t around to […]

I know most of you know that very famous saying by fashion icon Bill Blass. Well, it’s true. While my trademark color is black and I usually switch it to say “when in doubt, wear black” (I mean face it, you just can’t go wrong with black!), the little red dress is still very significant […]

“Can’t leave modeling alone, the game needs me….” Tyra Banks covers V Magazine and joins forces with Sessilee Lopez to recreate the 70’s Diana Ross classic, Mahogany: I see Tyra hasn’t hung up her hat yet. I don’t think she will ever fully, officially come out of retirement, but I definitely expect to see her […]

Magazine clutches are becoming one of the season’s must haves. It’s very funky, fun & fashionable and everyone is getting in on the action- especially Rihanna: At first it confuses you. Is that a rolled up magazine? But if you look closer you will definitely notice that it is the HAUTE Magazine Clutch. I know […]

FM Reader Les recently requested Amerie’s Sunglasses: “Do you know where those sunglasses are?”. Here you go Les: These sunglasses are Vintage Cazal, made in 1986 and they are called the Cazal 865. You can have it for $237 at Vintage Sunglasses Shop. It’s not the EXACT same one though. Hope I helped!

Today’s fashion is all recycled, nothing’s new. The trends, the styles, everything! The era with the largest impact on fashion that to this day, people are still recreating is- you guessed it, THE 80’S! Leg warmers, colored leggings, bamboo earrings, acid wash jeans, hi-top fade, rope chains, Kangol hats, 3-finger rings, Adidas, bob’s, high-waisted everything, […]