Sole Searching: The Perfect Summer Sandal


All this talk about pump this, stiletto that, 4 inches here, 6 inches there- all that heel could wear and tear a girl’s feet! I mean, it’s good to be prepared for all the fancy things in life, but what about the casual days? Because I’m sure you have more of those than the dressy ones:

Finding the perfect sandal is not as easy as it sounds! Trust me, I’ve worked around shoes in my professional life long enough to know that finding the right sandal can be harder than finding the right pump. “How,” you ask? Well, when you shop for heels the last thing you look for is comfort, so you don’t factor that into your buying decision, with a sandal, comfort is the first. So when you find a cute sandal that’s too flat and doesn’t support your arch, or too rounded at the toe and doesn’t look right on your narrow feet, or straps that don’t support the guaranteed Summed swelling, it makes it hard. But I have your guide, and a few of my faves, to get you where you need to be.

Diane von Furstenberg Kamala Flat Sandals, $250

You almost can’t resist the irritating flatness of sandals, but you can try to go for the ones with the most support internally. This sandal has a slight cushion to support the bottom of your foot, which will lessen the shock you feel from walking too long. Also, the buckle strap supports the slight Summer swelling, because you can adjust it to fit. Not to mention, its super cute!

Burberry Chain-Trimmed Leather Sandals, $395

I really have a thing for chains, so that’s 50% of the reason I chose this shoe. The other 50% is because it has a very small half-inch heel, that way you’re not completely flat on the ground, which is exactly what you want. When your feet is pretty much on the ground, your feet will probably hurt more than if you wore heels. Trust me, I’m having the same issue now with a pair of jelly sandals I have.

Oasis Interlinked Gladiator Sandals, $64.25

This one is an all over support. With sandals, the majority of your feet is out and there is usually just a T-strap to support it, so your feet slides, glides and has the tendency of getting very dirty (hello, baby wipes!) With a shoe like this, you have more support on your whole foot, so if your problem is the slip & slide of a sandal, a full support sandal such as the gladiator would be the solution.

Sam Edelman Fiera Diamante T-Bar Snake Effect Sandals, $177.54

The slight wedge on this sandal is the perfect alternative for the girl whose heel have grown too accustomed to being far removed from the ground. It also works for my “too flat” theory, a slight heel is ALWAYS necessary on a sandal, even if it’s just half-inch.

Miss Sixty Nadia Strapped Flat Sandals, $84.55

This is the top support I am talking about, having a strappy sandal is always going to give you the support you need. God forbid you have start running in sandals, you want to make sure it doesn’t trip you or you’re constantly fighting to keep it in place!

3 Responses to “Sole Searching: The Perfect Summer Sandal”

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  3. I Love the Solange style, fresh and fashion forward.. The sandal is absolutely stunning !!! And I also love the hot pants and T-shirt… but I don’t like too much the jumper… I think it would be better a jacket … like this one

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