Prada’s “Print Collection” Revives The 50’s


Prada has launched a new range inspired by the retro era, appropriately titled “Print Collection”. After all, there was no one rocking prints like June Cleaver (see: Leave It To Beaver)!

“Retro millenium” would probably be a good phrase to describe this collection, because that’s what it is. It’s a vintage style modernized to fit perfectly into society; a society where nothing is original, yet everything is new. The revival of era’s has been going on in fashion since forever, and who else but Prada to breathe life back into the home maker days?

Even celebrities are getting in on the action. Even though the collection just hit stores, Kate Bosworth and Carey Mulligan have already been spotted in the classic pieces:

According to InStyle, a source at Prada’s SoHo boutique says the dresses are “almost sold out.” This collection is DEFINITELY cute and right up my alley.

What do you think of Prada’s ‘Print Collection’?

One Response to “Prada’s “Print Collection” Revives The 50’s”

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