House Of Dereon Has Some Nice Stuff


Yes, I said it. I think people confuse House of Dereon with Dereon constantly, not knowing that these brands have two completely different images. Dereon, which is the junior’s line carried in Macy’s and stores like it, is the brand that a lot of people frown on and vow to never wear, while House of Dereon is the higher-end more contemporary line carried in Bloomingdales that people never seem to know exists:

See, it’s not so bad. The prices for House of Dereon run anywhere between $100-$250. I would wear a few of these dresses posted above, actually. The 3rd dress from the top is actually the one Beyonce wore in the Spring 2010 ad campaign, and everyone wondered why the ACTUAL clothes weren’t that cute. Well, that is the actual clothes, and it is that cute:

One Response to “House Of Dereon Has Some Nice Stuff”

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    Flat shoes can be the same “stability” of trying to make you a star on the streets! Let us bid farewell to the era of high Hentian!

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