Metamorphosis: The Style Evolution Of Michelle Obama


When America was first introduced to Michelle Obama, which was [of course] when Barack Obama began to campaign for presidency, pre-conceived notions were immediately drawn. Some people thought she came off too mean and unfriendly, others thought she was the Wonder Woman of our day, while others felt she should play her position- the background:

Me, being a fashion writer, of course immediately evaluated the soon-to-be First Lady’s personal style. I immediately wrote her off as a “nothing to see here.” Her style was  button-up shirt, knee-length skirt, and a classic set of pearls. Can’t forget the infamous hair flip and the always natural face, almost seeming like she never wore makeup. But I look at the first lady now and she just has me like “whoa! Okay, didn’t know you had it like that!”

Her metamorphosis from corporate lawyer flair to stunning style icon is definitely an evolution to take notice of. In the early 2008 year, she mostly rocked a side bang with a flip and nearly never dabbled in “popping” colors. She most definitely played it safe.

The beginning of the campaign, I struck her as the type that was outdated and out of touch when it came to style. I used to always scream “why?” whenever I saw her hair flipped. I mean, how much effort went into that flip? Then, sometime during the Democratic National Convention, the style caterpillar showed hope of becoming a butterfly:

She went from an aged flip, to a classic straight do with side bang and bump- even rocking a short bob at one point [pictured above], from no make-up to rocking smoked eyes, voluminous mascara, and rosy cheeks, and from basic neutrals to bright colors like pink, pastels, and even details such as ruffles, prints and embellishment. She has also become a muse for many designers, and have been responsible for catapulting the careers and brands such as Jason Wu, J. Crew, White House/Black Market, Isabel Toledo, Naeem Khan, and many others. Everything she is spotted in turns out to be a hit, and is guaranteed to be sold out within a matter of days- sometimes hours. Mixing high-end designers like Naeem Khan, with low-end designers such as J. Crew, she never seems to be out of reach for the average American consumer. Very much a style icon in her own right, Mrs. Obama has proved that you can be fabulous, sexy and still very sophisticated. Her evolution has been an interesting one to watch, and she definitely has the eyes and attention of folks all over the world. And just in case you were wondering who her glam squad was:

Johnny Wright– hair stylist

Ikram Goldman– wardrobe stylist

Ingrid Grimes-Miles– make-up artist

These are the people who keep the FLOTUS (First Lady of The United States) in tip-top shape. Can’t wait to see what’s next with the First Lady!

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