Nicki Minaj “Massive Attack”- REVISITED


Nicki Minaj‘s “Massive Attack” dropped last month, and with the whole world at the edge of their seats (maybe I’m pushing it) she gave us over 3 minutes, 3 separate scenery’s, and 5 outfit changes of Barbielicousness! I have revisited the video, and evaluated all 5 looks:


For her first look, Nicki accepted a stack of cash from Baby donning a big curly Barbie-blonde wig, an army green bomber jacket, army fatigue boyshorts, Louis Vuitton shades, and a pink spiked cut-out glove for a splash of color. Almost a sexy army look, but the glove gave it a definite Barbie edge. More effort could have been put forth for this look. Maybe a sexy army look, sort of like what Rihanna had going on in the “Hard” video would have been delicious! Yes, I said delicious!


A long blonde wig, at about 28 inches, aviator shades, a baby pink satin bra and plastic corsette-ish over throw. I prefer the headshot of this look, but I am kind of digging the bra & plastic over throw she has going on. Sue me.


I was in awe of this look the first time I saw the video. The whole theme in the video I see she is going for is “Barbie In The Army”. Let’s face it, if the Harajuku Barbie got drafted to defend this country against mad hatters and suicide bombers, she would probably dress like this. A pink one-piece exposing the most part of her derriere and would be breast had it not been for the champagne colored satin push-up bra preventing this would’ve-should’ve-could’ve, a-little-more-than-a-nip-slip. The badass over the knee spiked boots, with chains carelessly but strategically hanging, gave this sexy look a bit more edge. And I just had to get a close up of the earring, very Melody Ehsani!


And the looks get more promising as the beat goes on. This is probably my favorite look from “Massive Attack”. A one sleeve sheer army catsuit, with a hint of shimmer hugs the life-size Barbie’s body well. And the head-piece that seems to have come with the suit is definitely a refreshing change from the Beyonce-esque catsuits we’re all tired of seeing. The long pink braid dancing in the same space as the army green one piece and lavender “bullet” (or are those crayons?) shades offers a perfect color contrast. Love the look with and without the shades. I’m also loving the necklace and minx nails too. Werk!


I’m especially loving the green wig, but it’s the accessories that make this outfit! I mean, seriously, it’s really just bra and panties, of course consistent with the army color scheme. The studded belt loosely sitting on her waist, and large stone bracelet laced up really made this look pop. Oh, and of course you can’t forget the pink Lambo:

*does the cute Barbie giggle* And there you have it, Nicki Minaj’s “Massive Attack” video revisited and evaluated. I actually really like this video and think Hype Williams came in the ring swinging (per usual). Her stylist Fatima also made this one a good one. Absolutely loving this vid, and if she can keep this up for her next few videos, this would be a really good look for ya’ girl!

One Response to “Nicki Minaj “Massive Attack”- REVISITED”

  1. 1 taniesha

    my name is taniesha but everybody call me nene and i love this video is so sexcy to me but not in that way i really love it ifts a catchy song you already fknow that who doesnt like this vidoe something is wrong w with them ::]] sighning out

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