Calvin Klein No Likey Skinny Chicks


Calvin Klein has finally realized what the rest of the world has already realized: size 0 is unhealthy and a pretty unrealistic portrayal of what all women look like, so they have decided to go with a more “healthy” and “realistic” size 4 (my words, not theirs):

Here is the story from Huffington Post:

Calvin Klein creative director Francisco Costa has done away with casting size 0 models, Fashionologie reports. Christopher Michael of 1 Management tweeted, “Calvin Klein has discontinued their use of the Size 0-2 Models and traded them in for a 2-4…a sign of the times indeed,” and size 4 Lara Stone is rumored to be the face of Calvin Klein come fall. Think of it as another small step for woman; we’ll let you know when the leap for womankind happens.

For all who don’t know or can’t remember who Lara Stone is, she is the model who donned Black paint for French Vogue’s controversial “Blackface” spread. This is definitely a stepping stone in fashion.

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