Meagan Good Can’t Handle Her Breasts


I’m not making this up, she really doesn’t. While I love me some Meagan Good, I can’t continue to ignore her irresponsibility when putting her breast properly in her clothes:

Whether its wearing no bra under the wrong shirt, no bra with the wrong dress, or finally wearing a bra but again with the wrong shirt, she very rarely gets it right. Ladies, there are ways to do this. And if you’re not going to wear a bra, or let your bra peek-a-boo, you must do it right.

The Peek-A-Boo:

Now, Rihanna doesn’t always get it right either when it comes to the bra thing, but she does understand the art of the peek-a-boo. When wanting to peek your bra, you can either button down the shirt enough so it’s showing, like Rih Rih did in the above picture, wear a sheer shirt that will show it, or you can wear a racerback tank or a tank with a low  cut. You never want to go overboard with the cut, it should never come down to your waist or show too much of your cup. Just enough, ladies.

Going Bra-Mando:

The fierceness that is Victoria Beckham (whose birthday is Today actually, as is mine ;)) seems to not be a big fan of bra’s. Though she doesn’t seem to get it right all the time, she does pin the tail on the donkey on a few instances, such as the instance demonstrated above. There are rules that come with wearing no bra:

Rule #1- you MUST have perky titi’s!

Rule #2- they should not jiggle too much! It shouldn’t look like you have 2 Jello cups taped to your chest.

Rule #3- if they’re two big, just don’t even bother. So if you’re a D-cup, you are automatically self-eliminated. Got it? Good. Now, let’s get to it.

Under no circumstances should your top be sheer, see-through, or silk. No thin fabrics, nothing that photographs see-through, tread very lightly with this one. As a matter of fact, just don’t do it!

The Strapless Dress:

Half-bra’s ARE you’re friend. Now, some dresses come with built-in bra’s, but how supportive are they? Not to mention, the dress was made to contour to your body, not your breast. Just because you’re a size 8, don’t mean you have the “average” size 8 breast! Always wear a half bra with these dresses. Depending on the fabric, thinness, and feel- you can determine the type of half-bra. Is it a seamless one? Lace? One with piping? The thinner the fabric, the less detail on the bra. You always want to give the illusion of perfection 😉 But remember, bra’s are always your friend!

Meagan, baby girl. Take note!

2 Responses to “Meagan Good Can’t Handle Her Breasts”

  1. 1 verner

    My wife is bi sexual and looks beter than these models…

  2. Thanks for finally writing about >Meagan Good Cant Handle Her Breasts | Fashion Manifesto ||Because Style
    Doesn’t Happen Over Night <Liked it!

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