Nicki Minaj Channels Marilyn Monroe


The animated rap villain, Nicki Minaj, graced the cover of XXL with her much buzzed about label mate Drake and we finally have the outtakes from the shoot. Looks like Nicki was trying to channel the fallen American icon, Marilyn Monroe:

I’ve pretty much grown accustomed to the whole Nicki Minaj “the character” thing from her, and I’m loving the vibe- but I am STILL not feeling “Harajuku Barbie” from her. When Gwen Stefani brought the Harajuku movement to the forefront with her videos like “Holla Back Girl”, and “What You Waiting For?”, I totally felt it and it was in your face. Maybe she should reference that, then give it her own hip-hop spin. Hey, how about having Harajuku girls in her next video? That would be hot…

6 Responses to “Nicki Minaj Channels Marilyn Monroe”

  1. 1 LEAH


  2. 2 Drea

    I agree with Leah. and im just not a fan of Nicki period. she aint doin nothing new that Lil Kim and others before have done.

  3. 3 Luciano

    I aint even gon lie, i really really tried to to co-sign Nicki for so many reasons, but as it has been previously noted, she is really jus dick-riding Kimmy. even outside of my dislike of her, i am just so upset at this whole photoshoot because she jsut looks a hot ass mess.
    ms. monroe is surely turning in her grave. nicki looks like a drag race reject blooper reel.

  4. 4 mini-mouce

    yall some hating ass hoes with no life because yall got time to be worried about what someone else does on their free time all yall need some dick mabe yall mad cus yall aint on her status kick rocks dumb ass bummy fucking bitches how the fuck yall gonna be mad cus yall aint on yall proper grind annt try againg sloppy ass hoes!!!!

  5. 5 mini-mouce

    damn these sum bummy ass hoes lol

    • 6 dulce

      dumbass bitches aint got anything else but do then talk their shit about nicki minaj if she wanna take pictures with them captions then let her be.

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