HIT Or MISS? Rihanna In Mixed Prints


Rihanna stepped out recently in an outfit that made me go “hmmmm…”, she hasn’t made me do that in a while:

LIONS, TIGERS, BEARS, OH MY!! There is just way too much going on here. Mixing animal prints, with floral, with fringe, and metallic, gee luh-frikkin wiz! Every outfit I feel makes a statement, but right now I feel like a reporter who flew all the way from Australia, in coach, next to an old lady with bad gas, and heard “no comment” through out the whole press conference. Where can I go to get my money back, good sir?

But what do you guys think? HIT, MISS or a little bit of BOTH?

2 Responses to “HIT Or MISS? Rihanna In Mixed Prints”

  1. 1 Love

    HMMMMM…..this was good, but i dig it! because both prints are not in a huge portion in which it makes my eyes burn. I think the leopard addition on the feet was a smarter move than a leopard top with the tie dye floral. I think its super cute, but then again a lot of people question my outfits and I give them the….GTFOH face! lol

  2. I do like the shorts that’s about it.

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