Always Wanted A Career In Fashion Media? START HERE


I think a lot of people look at “blogging” like the easiest, most carefree job in the world. I mean, you sit behind a computer all day, come up with different things to throw on the blog, talk crap about what someone’s wearing, who they should be dating, and goof around when you’re all done. Umm, yeah right!

There are a lot of things that go into running a website, being an online editor or “blogger” that some may not be prepared for. It takes dedication, commitment, subject knowledge, creative marketing and promotion strategies, basic knowledge of the English vocabulary, and a splash of personality (not to mention, it can be costly… and pay lots of mula). Not just for blogging, but for any career in fashion media.

Because the Center for Communication knows this, they will be holding a special workshop for newbies and people who would like to step foot in the game:

Fashion Media:  Designing Your Career

Jump-start your career in fashion media by expressing yourself on  user-generated platforms, including social networks, blogs, and online video. Top fashion media pros explore how the industry is making the most of the new wave of self-promoting stylistas.

Britt Aboutaleb, Editor, Fashionista

Amy Astley, Editor-in-Chief, Teen Vogue

Andy Hilfiger Owner/Pres., Andy Hilfiger Ent.; Co-Founder, Star Branding; Sr. VP, Entertainment, Tommy Hilfiger

Moderator: Marie Griffin, President/Owner, Griffin Marketing & PR

Book signing follows:  The Teen Vogue Handbook WHEN: Thursday, April 22, 12:30 to 2:00 pm

WHERE:  City College of New York, The Aronow Theater, North Academic Center, (Main Entrance, 138th Street and Convent Avenue)

RSVP:  Visit, e-mail or call 212-686-5005

This event is FREE.

I will be there, so make sure you RSVP and come out so I can see you! 🙂

One Response to “Always Wanted A Career In Fashion Media? START HERE”

  1. I went to school for fashion design adn trust fashion is a lot harder than many seem to think it is and takes a lot more work than just sitting behind a computer all day. I looked through this book, it’s pretty good.

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