What Not To Do: Rosa Acosta’s Little Mini


“She insists she got more class, we know”- Drake

LADIES: I will say this once, and be very clear: IT IS NOT OKAY TO WALK OUTSIDE OF YOUR HOUSE IN A MINI THIS, WELL, MINI! Rosa Acosta, who is a video vixen, stepped out to an event recently rocking a super mini one sleeve dress that had me looking at the screen like “oh, for real?” I just can’t wrap my mind around the fact that some women don’t get it. Understand, when a woman is sexy she doesn’t have to try too hard. Sex appeal oozes from your pores, even when in a potato sack! Some have it, some don’t- but never, ever try too hard. Here are some alternatives:

Camilla and Marc Alexander Frock Embellished Dress $550

Your dress should never be too short, ever. If you can’t bend over to pick up your lipgloss that fell, without your kitty cat peeking from it’s porch, you just can’t. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. Try something that’s short, and sexy, but still has a sense of sophistication and mystique. People should never know EXACTLY what you’re working with! Keep ’em guessing, girl!

Maison Martin Margiela Sleeveless Crepe Mini Dress $750

This little lady right here is right up my alley! This is definitely something I would rock- sexy, but still discreet. You never want to give too much away, like I said. With this, you can show off your legs, it’s a perfect length, and the fit will hug any set of curves.

Double Strap One Shoulder Slinky Dress $64.25

I mean, this just screams sexy at the top of its lungs. The art of enhancing your sex appeal is knowing the difference between when something screams sexy, and when something screams attention. Never over do it; if the fit is tight and/or cleavage bearing, don’t go A-wall with the length!

Cecil Strapless Zip Front Dress $408

Then there’s the little black dress, and every once in a while someone comes around and ruins it for everybody. It’s the go to staple that will (hopefully) never fail you, but again: it’s all about the fit, and length. Never too tight, and never too short. #keepitcute

And remember: when you’re sexy, you’re sexy. You will never have to try too hard. You can be rocking a pair of Diesel jeans, H&M blouse with Tory Burch flats and be sexy as all hell! It’s about your presence, level of confidence and how you carry yourself as a woman. And a great scented perfume, splashed on lightly, won’t hurt either 😉

One Response to “What Not To Do: Rosa Acosta’s Little Mini”

  1. could you imagine if celebrities of today still strutted around in fur coats like in the old days?

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