STOP THE SAG: Raise Your Pants, Raise Your Image


Oh, for real? Well, New York State Senator Eric Adams of Brooklyn thinks so! He has launched a “Stop The Sag” campaign, which currently has six billboards up in Brooklyn and plans to erect more throughout the greater New York City area:

I think this campaign is imbecilic and simple-minded. The problem is with this society and politics at large, and this has been a consistent issue for eons now, they try to force personal beliefs upon a larger society. You see, when greater powers come together they try to influence the majority to sway their way, hoping that their minority opinions and positions of power can persuade people to think, breathe, and behave as them.

Now, I’m not defending this trend, I am defending individuality. As a pop culture influenced generation, we have more influences around us than the older generations did so we can afford to think and be different. Politics has a very missionary way of doing things, where we are more relaxed in our approaches, and especially in our style of dress. I think it is very much their business and choice of how they want to dress, not to mention campaigns such as this manipulates the very fiber this country was built on- freedom.

This campaign is super stupid, and these old heads need to just relax and let us young folk do what it do, ya dig?

2 Responses to “STOP THE SAG: Raise Your Pants, Raise Your Image”

  1. WOW! Are you serious…in the state that the ecenomy is in…thisis what we are spending New York dollars on? Eric Adams…get over it!

  2. 2 Drea

    Umm i disagree with you. Why would i as a young lady wanna see a young man’s ass hanging out? Thats not attractive and its origin would make all men pull up their pants if they knew it. In prison, feminine homosexual men would sag thier pants to let other men know that they wanted to have anal sex and the such. So when i see pants like that i assume these young men are gay and move right along.

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