Spring Fling: Blunt Bangs


Every summer, us ladies venture off into hair magazine land and try to find the perfect ‘do that will make summer remember us long after the leaves have changed colors. With runway designers and celebrities setting the pace for every season, this season may be the time to bring out the blunt bangs!

When I say blunt, I mean BLUNT. A real heavy bang, not the type where your forehead peeps through when you walk too fast and your hair starts fighting with the wind. Now, I don’t want you to go ahead and shed 5 lbs off your forehead, but this is definitely a good look for Spring! Whether you do it with long hair, like Chanel Iman, or with a bob, or even with a short cut, this is definitely a look that will suit all! For more ideas on how to wear your blunt bang

Curly long ‘do

Short asymmetrical bob

Short mushroom cut (I’m actually going for a look similar to this for my b’day!)

Mushroom bob (This one is my fave! If you really want to switch it up, go for it!)

I’m really feeling the blunt bang for the spring! Not sure if this will transcend into those sweltering hot summer days though. *Kanye shrug*

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