Kimora Lee Simmons’ “Dare Me” Fragrance


Kimora Lee recently released the ad for her new “Dare Me” fragrance, and apparently people no likey:

Retouch much? I don’t really care, people do it all day every day, so what’s the biggy now? And why does everyone still act surprised that photos get retouched? Moving on…

For this fragrance, Kimora has chosen to not charge an arm and leg like her other fragrances, but lowered the prices to $12 for a travel size bottle and $28 for a full ounce. The message for the “Dare Me” fragrance is “empowerment and self-reliance”. I definitely dig it, since Kimora is my role model and main motivator! The fragrance will be carried in Target, Walgreen, and Kohl’s, and has top notes of coconut. Sounds like it smells like it would taste delicious! Are you following me?

One Response to “Kimora Lee Simmons’ “Dare Me” Fragrance”

  1. 1 michi

    thats just wrong lol.

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