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The ladies of the “BBC” (Bad B*tch Club) recently premiered their video for their version of Young Money’s “Bedrock”. The song features ATL rapper Rasheeda, Kandi Burruss, Toya Carter and Angel Lola Luv Lola Monroe. I was, for the most part, very unimpressed by the fashion but one item in particular caught my eye. It’s […]

We got a sneak preview of Swizz Beatz collaboration with Christian Louboutin a while back, and it looks like the full collection is finally here:

Nicki Minaj‘s “Massive Attack” dropped last month, and with the whole world at the edge of their seats (maybe I’m pushing it) she gave us over 3 minutes, 3 separate scenery’s, and 5 outfit changes of Barbielicousness! I have revisited the video, and evaluated all 5 looks: FIRST LOOK: For her first look, Nicki accepted […]

Casio’s breadwinner, G-shock, has teamed up with Hawaiian street wear brand In4mation to present two watches: the GLX-6900 & Baby G, both releasing in June: Here is the introduction and description for the watches, as described by In4mation:

It’s one trend that sticks out more than others this season, and it is definitely the Nautical look. Tommy Hilfiger expressed this clearly in his Spring 2010 collection: I have always been a fan of the classic navy blue stripes, rope & brass, and even the red, white & blue color scheme (although I’m the […]

MAC Cosmetics just released a new product recently called “Lip Markers”: I love the name as well as the creativity, but didn’t Covergirl do this already? The answer is YES! “Lip Stain” delivers precision application and a light weight flush of color that last. While MAC’s “Lip Marker” retails at $14, “Lipstain” from Covergirl will […]

Spring has been frustratingly indecisive this year; one day it’s sweltering hot, the next day you have to crank up the heat in your house. I initially thought it was officially time to put up my coat at the first hint of warm weather, but I was wrong. It’s still time for the jacket, so […]

Apple’s new iPad has been getting love (and business) from plenty fashion houses since news broke that it would be dropping. Louis Vuitton, of course, didn’t want to miss out on the action. So they figured the average iPad buyer is a Louis Vuitton consumer, and made a case for it. Because it only makes […]

Amber Rose, who has been making her nightclub/red carpet rounds (sans Kanye) ever since signing with Ford Models, was spotted out in Beverly Hills at an event rocking this all black get up: Sheer long sleeve top with a came underneath, satin-cotton-ish skirt with ruffles and strappy sandals. Its just really basic. I’ve seen better […]

I mean, I just don’t understand what’s going on here. I understand the need to establish your brand, and venture into ventures outside of your “Amazin’” music, but at some point you have to realize… … It ain’t for everybody. Rapper Trina has decided to venture into the profitable world of beauty. Her new cosmetics […]