Karl Lagerfeld Is In The Building… And Will Remain There


After rumors emerged about Karl Lagerfeld retiring, and that Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz would replace him, the house of Chanel released a statement via Vogue UK saying he isn’t going anywhere!

“Karl Lagerfeld is the creative designer of Chanel and has a long-term contract with the company. Replacing him is not an issue,” a Chanel rep said.

Why can’t all issued statements be this simple? Always so drawn out, accompanied by lengthy paragraphs and big words, all just to say one thing. Speaking of Karl Lagerfeld, I found this interview with him over at the Cut and thought it would make for a good early morning read. Very funny, and there’s a few iconic quotable’s there too:

The interview was with Vice magazine, and he explained why he doesn’t remove his glasses during interviews, how he communicates with friends, sex, fur and everything else in between:

On not removing his sunglasses for interviews:

They’re my burka … I had an interview once with some German journalist — some horrible, ugly woman. It was in the early days after the communists — maybe a week after — and she wore a yellow sweater that was kind of see-through. She had huge tits and a huge black bra, and she said to me, “It’s impolite; remove your glasses.” I said, “Do I ask you to remove your bra?”

And yet:

I have not one prejudice. I don’t judge things.

On childhood:

I was a beach boy in my youth.

And adoption:

If there were a child I wanted to adopt, I would try to find the family of the child and give them the money for an education in his life and his context.

On what political correctness means to him:

It means people talking about charities. Do it, be charitable, but don’t make a subject of conversation out of it because then you bore the world to death. It’s very unpleasant. But I don’t go out a lot so I’m not so exposed to people.

On homosexuality (though he is against gay marriage):

When I was a child I asked my mother what homosexuality was about and she said—and this was 100 years ago in Germany and she was very open-minded—“It’s like hair color. It’s nothing. Some people are blond and some people have dark hair. It’s not a subject.” This was a very healthy attitude.

On voting:

I’ve never voted in my life—for any kind of politics.

On sex:

I admire porn… And I personally only like high-class escorts. I don’t like sleeping with people I really love. I don’t want to sleep with them because sex cannot last, but affection can last forever. I think this is healthy. And for the way the rich live, this is possible. But the other world, I think they need porn. I also think it’s much more difficult to perform in porn than to fake some emotion on the face as an actor.

On fur:

That’s why I always say, when people talk about not using fur, “Are you rich enough to make an income for the people in the north who live from hunting? What do you want them to live off of when there’s nothing else to do?”

On communicating in modern times:

People I’m really friendly with have faxes. Anna Wintour has one. We speak via fax. And in Paris I send letters to people.

You can read the rest of the interview over at the Cut.

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