Nicki Minaj Is Serious About This Barbie Thing…


In a spread that Right On! Magazine is marketing as “Barbie Couture”, Nicki Minaj emerges as a life-sized Barbie, but not one to be toyed with:


Hating the wig, but I’m loving the overall feel of the shoot. Loving the sparkle dress though! Her cover for this issue of Right On! also serves as an introduction to the magazines new venture Black Entertainment Diaries (B.E.D.) which will be the “big sister” to Right On! Here is the release pulled from

As one of the longest-running young urban magazines on newsstands today, RIGHT ON!, established in 1971, has been the official bible of teen entertainment for over three decades.  Now Right On! is all grown up and proud to announce the debut of the Black Entertainment Diaries.  Think of the Black Entertainment Diaries (B.E.D.) as Right On!’s older, sassier and sexier sister. True to the brand’s motto, the B.E.D. will be “where gossip lies.” Part tabloid fodder, part chic fashion, entertainment and beauty bible, the B.E.D. will be like nothing else on the market, and with a hip commitment to featuring the biggest stars in the urban world, every month readers will have one question in mind: who’s in your B.E.D?

Inside the celebrity-filled pages of the sizzling premiere DOUBLE COVER ISSUE, Black Entertainment Diaries GOT intimate with Young Money’s leading lady. With a longstanding void in the female rap game,  NICKI MINAJ is the next big thing.

The issue is on news stands now!

One Response to “Nicki Minaj Is Serious About This Barbie Thing…”

  1. 1 Desha

    Now if only she would get serious about her so called “music”…..Sigh

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