Would You Wear This?


The very avant garde, haute couture glamazon that is Lady Gaga turned heads (what’s new?) in her lace catsuit with nothing underneath but what seems to be shorts. And of course she was armed with one of her signature face pieces:

Now, it’s not so much of what she was wearing, because we’ve seen it all on Gaga, it was more of when she wore it. No, it wasn’t inappropriate for the event, no she didn’t pop up on the red carpet rocking the same thing as someone else, but it was 40 degrees outside! In 40 degree weather, she’s pretty much naked on London’s streets. I don’t know about you, but I was raised in New York where cold weather is guaranteed but seldom welcome (oh, how I miss you Jamaica, my sunny homeland). Anyone who knows anything about cold weather knows you just don’t walk out your house in anything less than 2 layers of something and super cute scarf to cover your neck from the harsh winds, especially if it’s 40 degrees. But hey, I’ve seen worst on the streets of New York!

My question is, would you wear anything revealing or non-protective of your skin against cold weather? Even if it was super fly and it was going out of style the day after tomorrow?

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