What Does Sexy Mean To You? Part Deux


In Part 1 of “What Does Sexy Mean To You?”, I did looks for teens. Now, it’s time for the 20’s! The age where all the mistakes are made and the real trial and error begins, in dating, in work, and definitely in style. Yikes!

Rihanna, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian all collectively represent the early, mid and late 20’s, and all their styles speak for their ages to a tee. Rihanna’s is a young, edgy and sexy, Beyonce is a more sophisticated, tasteful sexy, and Kim is glam sexy. Your 20’s is your right to be sexy, but there’s a right and a wrong way, and there’s only one way to do right like Mario say.

Pleated Slinky Bandeau Dress $76.92

Fringe Back Dress $61.54

Evil Twin Studded Bustier $71.80 (CAUTION: You must have (decent sized) boobs! :p)

Jersey Panel Leggings $42.74

Rare Metallic Bandeau Playsuit $51.28

Your 20’s is your REAL coming out party! You can do a lot at this age [range] and you should take advantage of all the opportunities you are now legally allowed. From jobs, to clubs, to clothes, express yourself and be sexy. But don’t straddle the fence of slutty!

One Response to “What Does Sexy Mean To You? Part Deux”

  1. good post, the young girls need to read this

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