Vogue Black, Vogue Curvy & What It REALLY Means To Us


Vogue Italia recently launched their new websites Vogue Black, Vogue Curvy and Vogue Talents. I’m guessing they didn’t do this out of the great appreciation of black beauty, but because they wanted the hounds to get off their back every time they conveniently forgot to support and promote images of original and diverse black beauty. On to the next one..

But what does these simultaneous launches really mean to us, as a people? Does it help with the perception of beauty and what it is? Or does it further divide blacks in fashion and gives reason for them not to include us in mainstream Vogue? I have mixed feelings about this. Anyone who knows me know I don’t like the whole separation of black movement. The “first black”, “youngest African-American”, etc., all of that separates us. And if Vogue Black is black 24/7, is Vogue white 24/7? Because people get so caught up in color that they forget that there other races in fashion that remain a minority: Asian, Hispanic, all of that.

And how does this uplift and empower us as a people? Because all I’m seeing is an immense amount of separation and future disclaimers. I see even less models of color getting spots in the print edition of Vogue than ever before. And a cover? Justfuggedaboutit! Vogue Black to me says “here, now don’t say I never gave you anything” or even “take this, now shut up and stop complaining”. There’s nothing uplifting or empowering about them “giving us our own outlet or avenue”. It’s demeaning and it’s an insult to our intelligence, it also manipulates the very fiber of what all of our heroes fought for. To be seen as an equal, not a stand out. Blacks in fashion, to me, has always been the elephant in the room. Everyone sees it, but no one chooses to acknowledge it. It’s an uncomfortable silence. Vogue Black gives reason for separation.

As for Vogue Curvy it’s the same as Vogue Black, reason for separation. Fashion has always had a very narrow perception of beauty, and all this does is further validate that. Here’s the write-up on each:

Vogue Curvy provides a glimpse into normal and plus-size beauty, with features on Crystal Renn, Christina Hendricks and America Ferrera.

Vogue Black provides insight on beauty of color, with a headline reading “Know Your ‘Fro” and profiles on Tyra Banks and Grace Jones.

I would be okay with this if it wasn’t aiming fire at my intellect. But give me a sec, this may take a while to grow on me. You can  check out Vogue Black and Vogue Curvy by clicking each. Also, check out Vogue Talents.

2 Responses to “Vogue Black, Vogue Curvy & What It REALLY Means To Us”

  1. I saw your email blast and your video,
    hey babes, lol you tossed a lot of insults in there if people didn’t agree with your point of view. (calling them stupid, ignorant, and silly)

    I think you’re looking at it from a point of view that’s not necessarily wrong but not focused properly.

    Vogue is not a government that has promised equality upon all mankind. They can really do what they want. Just like that Vanity Fair cover a few weeks ago that announced the “new faces of Hollywood” and not a single face had color on it. They can do all of that…they are free to do that. When a gov’t or institution is blocking access to something like education or basic social services, then I’m with you for the fight.

    If this is how Vogue wants to show love to blacks in fashion…a digital shrine if you will, then cool, you gotta press-on though because that’s their world. That’s their party. Otherwise…let’s shut down BET first before we start waving the fist up on pop culture.

  1. 1 Vogue Curvy - Neue Fashion Seite der Vogue

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