Kelis Did It First… Again!


Back in August 6, 2009, New York Post’s blog had this to say about Kelis‘ new look at the time (her blue hair):

Just like rappers sample other singers tracks, Kelis has taken it upon herself to riff on Rihanna’s new peacock do. And in true remix style, she’s thrown way too much at the original, totally destroying what made it work in the first place.

But just like anything Kelis, she definitely wasn’t the one doing the following, but the one initiating the trends. This was not the first time Kelis was accused of “biting” Rihanna‘s style, whether it be with fashion or hair, and behavior like this can be excused when it comes to a site like New York Post (who is in nature, extremely ignorant as it relates to the urban music scene).

You know Rihanna’s new look? The blonde one? Well gues who’s been there done that, took that picture and wrote that book?+

Back in 2004, Kelis shaved off the sides of her hair, and did a long blonde mohawk going down the center. That was 5 years ago, and Rihanna was still on the island of Barbados performing at local talent shows. Fast forward to 2009, and the reigning princess of Pop has done the exact same style, with a slightly lighter shade of blonde. So for the record, Kelis did it first… again!

2 Responses to “Kelis Did It First… Again!”

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  2. 2 Greg

    Ehh.. RiRi’s always biting other bitches styles ESPECIALLY Miss Kelis!

    & Everyone else takes their ish from Kelis..

    In 2015 just watch.. Everyone’s gonna be rocking big, crazy mulletts=P

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