Chanel’s Lightbulb Heels (I Know, I’m Late!)


How could I have missed this? First seen on Chanel’s Fall 2008 runway, these technically advanced shoes is still all the rage 1 year and 3 seasons later. (Seriously, how could I have missed this?):

The shoes are made out of goat skin sprinkled with sequin and the lightbulb heels can unscrew and are battery operated so they can be used over and over again, and cost about $2,200:

For other shots of the shoe…

Whoa! Karl Lagerfeld gave a whole new meaning to walking on eggshells!

2 Responses to “Chanel’s Lightbulb Heels (I Know, I’m Late!)”

  1. Although these shoes are outrageous, the idea seems to make sense to this generation! We grew up with those LA Gear ‘light up shoes’ and now as income earning adults some of us just cant get over the fascination! Funny really…

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