GQ Of The Day


In this fabulous world of fashion, sometimes we need that extra shot of testosterone. Just because. For my new FM readers (how you doin’!), I started ‘GQ Of The Day’ about a year ago, because I realized male dominated sites had things of this nature for the fella’s. But we need it too! For today’s ‘GQ Of The Day’, I chose new actor Jesse Williams, and if you haven’t heard of him yet- you will!

I first came across this gorgeous, handsome (and sexy) piece of man while watching his interview on E! News. He is the newest addition to the Emmy-award winning show Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Jackson Avery. For more pic’s and fun facts about Jesse…

Fun Facts:

*He was the lead in Rihanna’s video for her leading single from Rated R, “Russian Roulette”

*He is married (as of July 2008) and has 1 child, a son named Ryder… sorry ladies!

*He was born in Chicago, Illinois

*His first credited TV appearance was in 2006 on an episode of Law & Order

*He attended Temple University in Philadelphia, PA and earned degree’s in African-American Studies and Film & Media Arts

I love a man in uniform…

2 Responses to “GQ Of The Day”

  1. This blog is great as I go through it I have known many types of dress and moreover the dress which is worn here looks great with the combination of muscular body. Specially the third one from the bottom looks more small and cute. Anyway thanks for the blog and I am looking forward to it. Merry Christmas.

  2. 2 nono

    I love that!!!!!

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