Style Inspired: Beyonce “I Am… Yours”


Watching my favorite a-diva on stage after my Thanksgiving celebration subsided and my steak, roast beef, rice, etc. (yum!) digested, I was like… Ok! She is definitely the baddest chick in the game! Hardest working as well. I think the only person that works harder is her costume designer:

Her creative advisor and costume designer for her “I Am… Yours” tour, Thierry Mugler, shut it down with crystal embellished leotards, shard shouldered jackets, sculpted hip detail, animal prints, and rhythm ready corset’s. Whether it’s the famous “Halo” wedding gown, sheer panel leotard with matching cut-out glove, or her flame burst, cheetah printed, red light bust bearing (what’s really good with that?) one-piece, she has just as much hits in the wardrobe sector as she does in the music sector.

I have pulled some “I Am… Yours” inspired looks for all my a-diva’s!

1. Pineapple Leopard Scoop Neck Body $50.99

2. ASOS BLACK Fitted Piped Gold & Black Jacquard Dress $144.48

3. Dune Jadore Double Diamante Bow Shoe  $168.27

4. Thakoon Disco Mirror Jacket $2,750

5. Julien Macdonald Gem Embellished Suede Jacket $7,565

Be inspired by the Thierry Mugler original’s with these items!

One Response to “Style Inspired: Beyonce “I Am… Yours””

  1. Appears like a lot of xbox fans here, I am a fan too and like to play games… my girlfriend says I play way too much, but man it’s so fun. I’ve been playing mw2 and halo 3 for months and can’t stop! What would you fellow gamers recommend? In any case, looks like a cool blog, is this wordpress? I’ve made a couple pages myself and ain’t easy. Cheers for taking time to post this up.

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