Vintage Video: Cyndi Lauper “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”


Imagine stepping off the V train in the Lower East Side; the streets are crowded with people from all walks of life, uniting under one rhythm in funky, colorful 80’s gear that we all try so hard to revive (and forget). Well, that’s pretty much what “unusual” singing sensation Cyndi Lauper had in mind when she shot the video for her hit single “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” on the streets if NY in 1983:

It’s a party in the N-Y-C, and Cyndi Lauper brought out the best (& worst) of the 80’s. While hip-hop rocked rope chains, bamboo earrings, Adidas, and acid wash jeans, Pop’s bad girls did the “Molly Ringwald” dance in leg warmers, leotards, oversized off the shoulder sweaters, and stacked bangles. Oh, and you can’t ever forget the tutu! For this week’s “Vintage Video” my treat to you is the party anthem of the 80’s. Because, after all, girls just want to have fun! The times & style’s may change, but that won’t. I have chosen a select few items that have the aesthetic of this video, emphasis on aesthetic. Just the vibe, quite impossible to get the exact threads.

SKIRT: Exposed Zip Mesh Skirt $13.99

BRACELETS: Rock Chick Gold Wristwear Set $27.20

EARRINGS: Enamelled Fan Drop Earrings $13.60

DRESS: Mink Pink Floral Belted Shirt Dress $110.48

CHAIN BELT: Interwoven Satin Chain Belt $7.80

HAT: Wool Felt Fedora $10.80

GLOVES: Leather Tarnished Stud Fingerless Gloves $30.59

Whether it was inspired by one of Cyndi’s iconic dresses and accessories in this video, or one of her million many extra’s and dancers, the Queens native pretty much swallowed the 80’s and spit it out on the streets of Manhattan.

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