Nicki Minaj’s Theory


Some time last week, Nicki Minaj hit the GQ Men Of The Year awards with her labelmate Drake, and both artists cleaned up nice. It was great seeing Drake in a suit (have we ever seen him in one before?), and it was especially great seeing the self-proclaimed black Hannah Montana in a dress:

The bandeau dress had a velvet bodice with sweetheart neckline, and sateen skirt. Loving the abstract fabric, and it hugged her body perfectly.

You can cop Nicki’s Theory Chanesa Dress for $325 on ShopBop. Or you can get the cheaper alternative

Bow Bandeau Zip Back Dress $33.99

Why drop $300+ on a dress, when it’s that simple? Honestly, it’s not worth it, unless you’re a big textile freak who believes fabric quality defines the dress. If it was of a more intricate design, then I would have said go for it. Go with the cheaper alternative.

One Response to “Nicki Minaj’s Theory”

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